You’re Wrong to Hate Philosophy

In the very first episode of this podcast, I tried to defend philosophy against its critics who think science is all we need, philosophy is dead, it’s all just pedantic navel-gazing, etc. and this is a sort of sequel to that episode. Defending philosophy is a fairly recent development in my life. I found a … Continue reading You’re Wrong to Hate Philosophy

The Kalam Cosmological Argument and the Nature of Time

Whatever begins to exist has a cause. The universe began to exist. Therefore, the universe has a cause (and that cause was Jesus Christ). We won’t be discussing everything wrong with the kalam cosmological argument today. We’ll instead be questioning some assumptions the kalam needs to make in order to work that are in conflict … Continue reading The Kalam Cosmological Argument and the Nature of Time

Atheism, Consciousness, and Materialism

Consciousness and some accompanying phenomena seem to be a major source of resistance to physicalism, naturalism, and atheism, and not just from fundamentalists. I think defenders of naturalism or opponents of religion need to grapple with the current lack of a satisfying theory of consciousness -- we either need to improve our thought or improve … Continue reading Atheism, Consciousness, and Materialism

William Lane Craig and Peter Kreeft’s Arguments From Consciousness

It seems that more and more people are interested in the various branches of consciousness studies, which I’m told was a taboo subject in academia until fairly recently. And in all this mounting excitement over philosophy of mind, and over radical theories of consciousness like panpsychism, some religious believers have tried to get in on … Continue reading William Lane Craig and Peter Kreeft’s Arguments From Consciousness

In Defense of Ideology

Is it irrational to hold an ideology? Should we strive to free ourselves from ideology? Ideology, especially in a political context, is a dirty word to many. It’s an insult to be called ideological. I’ve noticed that among fellow atheists and skeptics, ideology is often treated as religion by another name. However, I think there … Continue reading In Defense of Ideology

No, panpsychism is not “geocentric”

John Horgan wrote a blog post for Scientific American on Jeffrey Epstein and his relationship to science. He sets up the Epstein discussion with the work of German scholar Oswald Spengler, who argued in his Decline of the West that civilizations are like organisms — they pass through a natural life cycle. “Each civilization’s science … Continue reading No, panpsychism is not “geocentric”

Jerry Coyne vs. Panpsychism

Evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne has commented on panpsychism (and Philip Goff) before, but I’ll limit my response to his most recent post on the subject, linked here: He repeatedly calls panpsychism “woo,” a smear which is intended to scare off rationalists and skeptics. I strongly object to his characterization. Panpsychism is not woo -- … Continue reading Jerry Coyne vs. Panpsychism