Speaking in Tongues / Glossolalia

In the latter half of my Christian life, my circles shifted farther and farther charismatic. I was always a Biblical literalist, but the crazy dial was set relatively low, or at least as low as it can be for a young earth creationist. After years of practicing fairly conservatively, my friends and family embraced things … Continue reading Speaking in Tongues / Glossolalia


Prophecy and the Birth of Jesus

The Christmas narratives in Matthew and Luke are supposed to contain fulfilled prophecies. However, these two Gospel accounts of Jesus’ birth are not only discrepant, but conflict with our historical knowledge.  It’s common for Christians to point to biblical prophecies as compelling evidence for us to consider, and Jesus himself comes up often. They insist … Continue reading Prophecy and the Birth of Jesus

Argument From Biblical Confusion

There are probably as many versions of Christianity as there are Christians. And when it comes to interpreting the Bible, Christians have endless disagreements about what it says. These disagreements can range from trivial to key issues that define who god is, what he wants from us, and who goes to heaven and who doesn’t. … Continue reading Argument From Biblical Confusion

The Evil God Challenge

There exists an all-knowing, all-powerful, conscious mind who created the universe and human beings. And of course, this being is perfectly, flawlessly evil. So is what I just wrote really all that less likely than what theists believe? The typical version of the god hypothesis postulates an all-knowing, all-powerful, conscious being who created the universe … Continue reading The Evil God Challenge

The God of Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson is many things to many people. One thing he happens to be is a passionate opponent of atheism and defender of Christianity, claiming that atheism is destructive and that we need religion for civilization to continue. Oddly enough, he doesn’t really believe in god, at least not in any sense that the majority … Continue reading The God of Jordan Peterson

The Gruesome History of Christian Torture

Of course, I couldn’t possibly talk about every terrible event that would qualify to be in this episode — every grisly act, every theological splitting of hairs that led to those acts. The truth is I didn’t even set out to make this episode. Just in reading books that involved religion, I kept coming across … Continue reading The Gruesome History of Christian Torture

Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism (EAAN)

The discovery of evolution by natural selection arguably did more to reinforce naturalism than any other single discovery in science. God was out of a job in a serious way because up until that point, most people believed that there was no way to naturalistically explain the diversity and complexity of biological life. The philosopher … Continue reading Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism (EAAN)