On Igtheism

“I know not what you mean by God; I am without the idea of God; the word God is to me a sound conveying no clear or distinct affirmation.” - Charles Bradlaugh, 1877 An igtheist or ignostic or theological noncognitivist, as I'm using the terms, is one who doesn’t believe in god because they can’t … Continue reading On Igtheism

Is property dualism any better off than substance dualism?

“[I]t is widely granted these days that dualism is not a serious view to contend with, but rather a cliff over which to push one’s opponents …” Dan Dennett, 1978 Things may have changed in philosophy since Dennett’s proclamation, but it remains widely accepted that substance dualism is implausible and anti-scientific. How can you believe … Continue reading Is property dualism any better off than substance dualism?

The Incoherence of God

“So we have the strange phenomenon, as Kant assures us, of a mind believing with all its strength in the real presence of a set of things of no one of which it can form any notion whatsoever.” - William James An igtheist is one who can't make any sense of the idea of god. … Continue reading The Incoherence of God

Why Did the Romans Kill Jesus?

Why was Jesus crucified? As in, how did he get himself killed? How did Jesus find himself being sentenced to death by the Roman government? The crucifixion is central to the Christian story. If Jesus hadn’t been crucified, the symbol of the cross would not only hold entirely different connotations, it wouldn’t enjoy its ubiquity … Continue reading Why Did the Romans Kill Jesus?

Why I Am Not An Antinatalist

Antinatalism, broadly speaking, is opposition to procreation. It’s the view that it is immoral to have children. Creating a person, on this view, is like building a robot that can suffer -- there’s just no good reason to do it. Although antinatalism attracts its fair share of misanthropes, many supporters I’ve seen online are compassionate … Continue reading Why I Am Not An Antinatalist

Has Physics Debunked Panpsychism? Answering Sabine Hossenfelder

Panpsychism is not as radical as you may think. It doesn’t imply that the laws of physics are wrong or incomplete, for example. Physical science handles what matter does-- behavior, structure, relation, and so on. Physics doesn’t tell us about what matter is, the intrinsic nature of matter (insofar as matter has a nature beyond … Continue reading Has Physics Debunked Panpsychism? Answering Sabine Hossenfelder

Élan Vital and Panpsychism

Élan vital is the hypothetical “life force” that was postulated to explain the differences between living and non-living systems. Self-organization, regeneration, metabolism, replication, evolution -- prior to modern biology, these phenomena were utterly mysterious. Immanuel Kant famously said, “There will never be an Isaac Newton for a blade of grass.” In 1907, Henri Bergson coined … Continue reading Élan Vital and Panpsychism