Slavery in the Bible

Back when I was in high school, losing my faith, the slavery in the Bible inspired the first skeptical, critical thoughts I had about the legitimacy of the Bible as a moral guide and the goodness of god. After all, slavery sure seems like it’s wrong, so you wouldn’t expect anything but an unequivocal condemnation … Continue reading Slavery in the Bible

Reformed Epistemology

Alvin Plantinga is one of the most respected Christian philosophers alive. William Lane Craig described Reformed epistemology as “one of the most significant developments in contemporary religious epistemology.” Plantinga once served as the president of the American Philosophical Association. In 2017, he was awarded the Templeton Prize. The University of Notre Dame's Center for Philosophy … Continue reading Reformed Epistemology

​​Christianity vs. Climate Change

Does Christianity, and religion generally, naturally lead to skepticism and apathy towards climate change? ​​The phenomenon of climate change denial has many causes, but I want to focus on one of them. I think Christianity and religion generally contribute to the phenomenon of climate change denial, as well as the widespread apathy towards any action. … Continue reading ​​Christianity vs. Climate Change

“Love the sinner – hate the sin.”

"Love the sinner; hate the sin," isn’t found in the Bible explicitly, though it can be found in one of Augustine’s letters from the 5th century. His words roughly translate to “With love for mankind and hatred of sins.” “Hate the sin and not the sinner” also appeared in Gandhi’s 1929 autobiography, but he said … Continue reading “Love the sinner – hate the sin.”

“It’s not a religion – it’s a relationship.”

If this idea -- it's not a religion; it's a relationship -- is so central to Christianity, as many Christians insist, then why is there absolutely no mention of it anywhere in the Bible? The phrase ‘personal relationship’ is found nowhere, nor is there any analogue to the phrase in the Old or New Testament. … Continue reading “It’s not a religion – it’s a relationship.”

Argument From Biblical Confusion

There are probably as many versions of Christianity as there are Christians. And when it comes to interpreting the Bible, Christians have endless disagreements about what it says. These disagreements can range from trivial to key issues that define who god is, what he wants from us, and who goes to heaven and who doesn’t. … Continue reading Argument From Biblical Confusion

The God of Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson is many things to many people. One thing he happens to be is a passionate opponent of atheism and defender of Christianity, claiming that atheism is destructive and that we need religion for civilization to continue. Oddly enough, he doesn’t really believe in god, at least not in any sense that the majority … Continue reading The God of Jordan Peterson