Mind and Cosmos – Thomas Nagel

I recently finished Michael Behe’s Darwin Devolves, and my reading experience alternated between extreme annoyance and extreme boredom. Lest I be accused of bias against anything critical of materialism or Darwinism, I just read the extremely controversial Mind and Cosmos by the philosopher Thomas Nagel, loved it, and immediately read it a second time. The … Continue reading Mind and Cosmos – Thomas Nagel


Panpsychism, Mysterianism, Epiphenomenalism

I’ve previously argued against the more intuitive, default form of dualism that religious people tend to believe in. But moving past our first guess at how consciousness works is only the first step. Among those who reject the notion of a ghost in the machine, there is a wide range of opinion. There is by … Continue reading Panpsychism, Mysterianism, Epiphenomenalism