Pascal’s Wager: What If You’re Wrong?

Pascal’s Wager is one of the most popular defenses presented when you’re in an argument with a believer. It doesn’t really come up in formal debates, but it’s presented all the time in informal conversations, whether you’re visiting religious family or telling someone you’re an atheist for the first time. It seems to be sort … Continue reading Pascal’s Wager: What If You’re Wrong?


The Euthyphro Dilemma

Believers often claim that unlike atheists, they have an objective basis for morality. They’re not working with what’s socially useful, or what’s preferable to humans; but instead, they’re operating from the unassailable, objective standard of God. The idea that our morality is grounded in God’s will is what’s known as divine command theory. But DCT … Continue reading The Euthyphro Dilemma

Prayer Studies

In spite of the progress of science and reason, the notion that prayer can change the real world has persisted into the 21st century. So we're going to look at two famous prayer studies in history: the first one ever conducted and the most scientifically rigorous one ever conducted to see what science has to … Continue reading Prayer Studies

The Argument from Miracles

I wanted to do an episode on prayer studies, but I thought I should do an episode about miracle claims generally first. I wasn’t very enthusiastic at first, but then I began to realize that miracles are a major pillar supporting religion. At first, I thought this episode would be largely making fun of people … Continue reading The Argument from Miracles

Biblical Prophecies (Podcast ep. 05

Ezekiel 26 is considered — unanimously, as far as I can tell — to be a fulfilled prophesy by Christian apologists. On all the websites, articles, and lists of fulfilled Biblical prophecies I could find from Christians, this one was always near the top of the list. This predicts the destruction of the city of … Continue reading Biblical Prophecies (Podcast ep. 05

The Problem of Holiness (Podcast ep. 06)

Do we judge God by the same moral standards that we judge humans? In an email exchange I recently had with a Christian, he stated, "We do not hold God accountable or judge him the same way we hold accountable or judge humans because he is not a human. He is very different from a … Continue reading The Problem of Holiness (Podcast ep. 06)

Counter Apologetics: New Podcast

I started a podcast called Counter Apologetics dedicated to seeking the truth. Each episode is about ten minutes, countering Christian apologetics and discussing issues surrounding religion. If you're an atheist looking to brush up on your counter-apologetics before your family Thanksgiving, I can see this being ideal for preparing for the "why are there still … Continue reading Counter Apologetics: New Podcast