Western Values Are Based on Judeo-Christian Values

More and more I hear the claim that western civilization is based on Judeo-Christian values. There are a few possible claims a believer could be making when arguing about western values and Judeo-Christian values. They could merely be making historical claims that Christians and Christian institutions played pivotal roles in the historical development of Europe. … Continue reading Western Values Are Based on Judeo-Christian Values


“The New Testament is Better”

Once we get past the bloody and bizarre Old Testament, it’s all “Love thy neighbor” and “Help the poor” from there, isn’t it? We’re expected to accept that Jesus was a wise moral teacher and that the New Testament is a valuable document of morals, even if we aren’t believers ourselves. But the goodness of … Continue reading “The New Testament is Better”

The Sam Harris / Scott Adams Podcast

Scott Adams appeared on episode #87 of the Waking Up podcast with Sam Harris earlier this week, on an episode entitled “Triggered”, since that would be the only appropriate response from a reasonable person to Scott Adams. As an avid listener to the podcast, I would like to nominate Scott for the Pseudo-Intellectual Hall of … Continue reading The Sam Harris / Scott Adams Podcast