Argument From Biblical Confusion

There are probably as many versions of Christianity as there are Christians. And when it comes to interpreting the Bible, Christians have endless disagreements about what it says. These disagreements can range from trivial to key issues that define who god is, what he wants from us, and who goes to heaven and who doesn’t. … Continue reading Argument From Biblical Confusion


“The New Testament is Better”

Once we get past the bloody and bizarre Old Testament, it’s all “Love thy neighbor” and “Help the poor” from there, isn’t it? We’re expected to accept that Jesus was a wise moral teacher and that the New Testament is a valuable document of morals, even if we aren’t believers ourselves. But the goodness of … Continue reading “The New Testament is Better”

The Old Testament Doesn’t Count (Podcast ep. 10)

Often when you bring up terrible things in the Bible, you get the response, "But that's the Old Testament!" Christians expend significant energy trying to distance themselves from the the OT and its contents by arguing that it’s sort of less instructional and less relevant to today than the NT. At least, the bad stuff … Continue reading The Old Testament Doesn’t Count (Podcast ep. 10)

Biblical Prophecies (Podcast ep. 05

Ezekiel 26 is considered — unanimously, as far as I can tell — to be a fulfilled prophesy by Christian apologists. On all the websites, articles, and lists of fulfilled Biblical prophecies I could find from Christians, this one was always near the top of the list. This predicts the destruction of the city of … Continue reading Biblical Prophecies (Podcast ep. 05